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Finally, time clocking that integrates with scheduling.

7punches is a time-clocking app that integrates with 7shifts and lets restaurateurs manage scheduling, payroll, and attendance like a pro. Plus, 7punches helps staff easily punch in and out for their shifts.

This app packs a punch!

Employees punch in and out with 7punches

7punches app serves as an easy-to-use, secure, time-clocking punch pad for your employees.

Small app, big data

Syncs with 7shifts restaurant scheduling to generate powerful insights about your sales, budgets, staff attendance, and productivity.

Prevent unauthorized clock ins

Reduce labor costs

Time is money! Set limits on early clock ins, enforce breaks, and prevent unauthorized punches.

Auto punch-out

Make forgotten punch-outs a thing of the past. 7punches can automatically clock staff out of their shift if they have not done it by a certain time.

Break features

Build breaks into your schedule

Ensure everyone gets a chance to relax by scheduling breaks in advance.

Still have break time left?

7punches can prevent early returns from breaks.

Tip tracking

Add tips

Prompt staff to declare tips upon clocking out at the end of their shift.

New perspective on tip trends

Generate reports that include declared tips to spot your peak hours and superstar employees.

And if that's not enough...

  • Integrated with employee scheduling

    From one account, you can schedule your staff and track their time. If an employee’s punch time matches their scheduled shift, it’s approved.

  • Insightful reports

    Access reports showing the variance between scheduled and worked hours, as well as hours worked by location, by department, and by employee.

  • View punches in real-time

    You can access your account from anywhere to see which employees have clocked in and at what time.

  • Review flagged punches

    You are only notified if an employee’s punch requires your attention, reducing the amount of time you need finalize timesheets.

  • Easy export for payroll

    Generate a Excel report for payroll showing worked hours for each payroll period, and download employee timesheets.

  • Track offline punches

    If you don’t have a good wifi connection, don’t worry. We track offline punches and sync them up when your wifi connects again.

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