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Save time creating schedules

An improvement on a familiar look

You'll recognize our schedule layout whether you've used Excel or pen and paper. We've taken it a step further with our intuitive drag and drop schedule and auto-scheduling feature.

Build schedules in one click

Using auto-scheduling and custom shift templates, our system builds a schedule based on staff availability and weekly shift requirements.

Keep everybody in the loop

Instant notifications

Your staff are immediately notified of their shifts when the schedule is published or when changes are made to their shifts.

Approve or decline staff requests on the fly

Using our free mobile apps, get notified to approve or decline requests for time off, availability and shift trades.

Take control of your labor costs

Set and view labor costs by department

Our budgeting tool allows you to see how much you're spending on your staff on a daily and weekly basis in real time. Instantly determine how much money this can save your business with our labor cost savings calculator.

Instant alerts around overtime

Get notified if you are about to schedule an employee into overtime.

Track your performance

Restaurant dashboard

Get a quick look at the most important things in your restaurant – your sales and labor costs – so you can make better scheduling decisions.

Integrate your POS data

Integrate your sales data from some of the top restaurant POS systems in the industry. 7shifts will forecast your sales automatically.

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And if that's not enough...

  • Free support

    Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value in scheduling software, so we help you whenever you need it.

  • Free Manager Training

    Leave the training to us! We will train your managers on 7shifts so you see immediate benefit and can get your staff on-board fast.

  • Designed for restaurants

    Rather than building software that works 'ok' for all industries, we decided to make 7shifts work perfectly for restaurants. Every feature we build has been designed with restaurant owners, managers, and employees in mind.

  • Unlimited text notifications

    Your staff are immediately notified of their shifts when the schedule is published and when changes are made to their shifts. We don't charge you extra SMS fees if you send more messages.

  • Multi-location support

    Does your restaurant have more than one location? No problem. You can easily manage staff across locations to prevent double booking and overtime hours.

  • Built-in manager log book

    Allow managers to write logs for each day after their shift ends. They can also attach files to their notes, categorize them and have them emailed. Learn more.

Publish schedules from anywhere to everyone.

The free 7shifts restaurant employee scheduling app takes scheduling off the break room wall and puts it anywhere you and your employees go.

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Communication is everything.

The restaurant Manager Log Book keeps managers in the know. Stay connected with continually synced shift notes, notifications, and easy access to note history.

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