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Trusted by great businesses

I used to search my business for random post-it notes, check emails and cross-reference text messages just to make a schedule. Now everything is in one spot.

— Erika Jensen

The Chocolate Season Coffee Shop
7shifts has amazing support. Couple that with a very easy to use service that frees up a manager's time and you've got a company I have no qualms blurbing about. Value your time, use 7shifts!

— Diogo Martini

Mozarella Di Bufala Pizzeria
It has a great labor cost control and communication tool. It allows us to find replacements and react to unexpected changes with immediate updates to our employees.

— Aimee Schulhauser

Tangerine Food Bar

Stay in control of your business

Manage your labor costs and ensure you're not going over.

Spend 80% less time scheduling

Our customers save an average of 5 hours per week.

Manage your staff from anywhere

Computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone - you name it.

Your employees will love you

Employees love knowing when they work.

Try it

See how your employees get notified.

Publish Schedule

You will be sent a text message of what Mike would see when you publish his schedule.

Time Clocking

Ensure that you’re paying your employees for what they actually work, rather than what they’re scheduled to work.

Use an iPad, an iPod Touch or a Computer to allow employees to clock in for their shifts.

Instant SMS & Email Notifications

When a manager makes a change to a schedule, you can rest assured that the affected employees are kept in the loop via email and text message.

No more miscommunication.
No more missed shifts.

Reporting tools that will put your mind at ease.

Setup a weekly budget to ensure you’re never overspending on labor.

See a daily break down of how much is being spent each day.

Mobile Apps for Managers & Employees

Managers: Approve shift trades, communicate and schedule staff from your iPad or smart phone.

Employees: Download our free iPhone app or Android app to check upcoming shifts, offer up shifts, submit availability and more.

How much could you be saving?

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How many hours a week do you spend managing schedules?

What are our customers saying?

Thanks to 7shifts our ability to communicate has improved vastly. Scheduling is no longer daunting for management and staff love being able to know their requests have been received. I can't imagine going back!

Shane Devereux, Habit Coffee
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